Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hello! Remember me? Yeah, I'm the writer who hasn't blogged in AGES!

First and foremost, my critique partner, Angela Kulig, has her very first book coming out this week!! I am so incredibly excited and proud of her!! Want to check out her book? Yes? YAY! Click on the cover and it'll direct you to where you can read the first chapter! :)

So what have I been up to? EVERYTHING! But I wanted to share what currently has my interest. Since it's somewhat difficult to take a writing class at the moment with a house full of kids and a hubby that's gone at work 12+ hours a day, I decided to do a writing class of my own. I bought a whole bunch of books and have been studying and taking notes--the only thing missing is a lecture. One day, I will take a course, and I will relish the moment!!

I just LOVE this series! There are several books, each breaking down a basic unit of the craft. The first one I'm focusing on is this book by James Scott Bell:

I have learned so much, and I'm only half done. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Since learning is an ongoing thing, why not tighten up your plot writing muscles??

Lately, when I'm done taking notes, I've been reading the following book by debut novelist, Leigh Fallon. It sort of sucked me in, you know the rest!

I hope to be blogging more, I honestly do. ;)

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