Thursday, March 31, 2011

A fellow writer's blog got me thinking...

Today, I woke up and pondered the question, "Why do I keep my pursuit of writing?" It takes so much time and thought and effort and frankly, it's exhausting! So why continue with a craft that takes so much and gives so little with no guarantee that you'll end up with any sort of reward?

Ironically, when I hopped onto Twitter today, I saw the tweet by LM Preston that directed me to her blog which got me thinking even more. Her post matched my thoughts, so I won't repeat them. (Go and read her blog)

So why do I keep writing? The answer is simple, it's something for me. I'm a stay-at-home mom and I homeschool my four children. Over the years I have given up crafts, gym workouts and other activities so I could better balance my time and focus on my family. After a decade of self-sacrifice, and as rewarding as this blessing is, I've learned that I really need to do something just for me. I need an activity that I can do that will better me in the process.

As challenging as writing is, it's a challenge between me and only me. The more I learn and push myself, the better my writing will be, the better chance I will have to share it with others. I love this sort of challenge and it's exactly the sort of activity I needed this time in my life. Especially since I can work on it when the kids are asleep or if I leave it out, the toddler can't poke, mess, lose or do anything that would harm him or the long as I leave the laptop locked or off when unattended.


  1. I am mom hear ME ROAR! And no, not just the roar of that whom has stayed up to night revising. Feel the power, be the power. EYE OF THE TIGER BABY!

  2. Yes! This is exactly why writing is such an awesome endeavor.
    (Also, I love Angela's comment. Hilarious.)

  3. Write ON! That's how I feel, it's really for me, then my readers, then to share. If it didn't give me joy, it's no way I would keep at it. People ask me all the time how I find the time to do it with working, kids, husband and volunteering, and I ask them, how often do you pick your nails, brush your teeth, eat? That's what drives me to write - a habit that's part of my routine. A way for me to relax.

  4. Karen! Where's your weight loss blog? :( But I'm super stoked to see you here blogging about your WRITING. I love what you said about why you do it. I feel much the same way. ((hugs))

  5. @Ali: I have both! My weight loss blog is the same: Thanks for such sweet words. ((hugs))